In this period of dramatic change in the delivery of healthcare, the 2017 Becker’s conference was a great opportunity to gain valuable insight and information on the trends affecting our industry. Here are a few thoughts we came away with:


Emerging Trends In 2017

There continues to be increased focus on innovative approaches to reduce length of stay and readmissions through the advanced analytics of big data.There’s a growing push for physician led pop health management. There is an evolving trend towards the commitment to value-based care analysis and utilizing data resources for sustainable success. ACOs are looking for practical solutions for managing the challenging transitions from fee-for-service to a value-based care model. Health care systems are focusing more energy on creating strategies and solutions to better understand post-acute care and its relationship with bundle payments and pop health.


Our Thoughts

We’d like to add a 6th point to this list – Whether you’re a large ACO, a small hospital system or anywhere in between, you will need help navigating the range of decisions that will need to be made in order to help your organization stay patient-centered and sustainable. Often that means engaging the services of a consulting firm. When you do, it’s important that you make sure that they’re vendor agnostic and have your best interests at heart. There are a lot of great software solutions out there, but are they great for your needs and your organization?


Choosing A Consulting Firm

Certainly, we know we’ve got the experience necessary to guide you through this process but if you choose to go in another direction, make sure you find out these three things from your consultant of choice:

Make sure they have real-world experience.

Have they worked in a healthcare environment or just consulted with one?

Are they vendor neutral?

Are they trying to sell you their own solution or are they open to listening to what other vendors offer and how they fit with your particular needs?

Are they going to perform a current state assessment for you?

Then will they follow up with a future state assessment?


If they’re not comfortable answering any of these questions, consider reassessing their ability to help – and then call us!