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Our guiding mission is to lead healthcare organizations in their journey to value-based care, developing long-term partnerships that ensure our clients’ success, no matter where they may be in their transformation.

What we do

VOV Enterprises empowers stakeholders throughout the healthcare system, including hospitals, health systems, ACOs and health plans to succeed in value-based care. 

By integrating business services with software and data, and executing innovative IT strategies, VOV delivers start-to-finish solutions for provider network management, bundled payment analytics, and healthcare IT systems.


Get the support you need for vendor selection, implementation, and to assess your overall strategy.


Enhance provider engagement, increase revenue, and manage your entire network with vAlign.


Analyze, customize, and benchmark your data with VOV’s vBundles payment analytics.


Managing your provider network has never been more complex. 

Simplify it with vAlign.

Built on a robust platform, vAlign gives you a complete view of your provider network and data, enhancing provider engagement, decreasing leakage and optimizing your network.

bundled payment analytics

An end-to-end visual analytic tool that helps you quickly understand your bundled payment program.

View variations across providers and PAC network. Compare actuals to targets, assess opportunities and view variations. Trend, monitor, and reconcile performance while rapidly assessing your understanding of cost and quality.

VOV will help you to explore data patterns across time frames, hospitals and partners.


Achieve your goals

VOV delivers the full spectrum of IT service for provider organizations regardless of where they exist on the value-based care continuum.

“The customization VOV provided resulted in a product that is intuitive, user-friendly, understandable and has the flexibility to drive performance our business users need by unlocking the potential in their data.  

At SPS, we say we are “driven to make healthcare better”. VOV’s creativity and innovation throughout the development of the product has helped us once again to achieve that goal.”

David Steele, VP, Performance Analytics & Outcomes 

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