Is running your business becoming your business?

If one of your key officers left tomorrow could you pick up where they left off?  

Let BizAlign organize and manage the requirements that all businesses have without losing precious time, patience and important resources!

Owner Transparency is a must! – BizAlign is the solution for owners. Our Saas product provides transparency and easy access of what needs to be done, when and who is doing it. Have the peace of mind knowing your information is at your fingertips.

VOV Enterprises Inc. is thrilled to introduce BizAlign: our software product which pulls all aspects of business management into one piece of Saas. At a high level our mission is to make it easier for business owners to manage company documents and organizational metrics all in one place.

Centralize your Business Management

Our BizAlign Saas product allows business owners to simplify and organize vital company assets in one place, utilizing a revolutionary approach to document management systems, that can save you and your resources valuable time. Take the guess work out of where documents belong and can be found. 

BizAlign is an out of the box business solution giving owners full transparency across all departments:

  • Need to review vendor contracts for a potential change? Done.
  • Want to rework company templates and immediately have them distributed across your entire organization? Easy.
  • Employee management above and beyond what a payroll system can do. Simple.

BizAlign is here for you.

End-to-End & Customizable Business Management SaaS

BizAlign is a software solution meeting up to 80% of all businesses needs, while allowing the user to configure the system independently to meet the last 20% of their unique needs


Save Time, resources and your sanity!

Tried and true we’ve made it simple to manage;

  • Employee performance appraisals and compliance
  • Business Compliance
    • Taxes
    • Insurance
    • Safety
    • Certifications/Licenses

Configuration table allows you to customize compliance to your specific needs.


HR Management – We’ve included PTO requests, performance appraisals—including templates and history—while also compiling time off requests, hour reconciliation, policies and more.

Service Team Assignments & Task Management – We made it easy to assign projects and tasks to users or groups for the ability to track under one dashboard.

Overall Efficiency – What could your team accomplish with more time?

We are thrilled to introduce BizAlign: a software solution that organizes and manages the requirements that all businesses share in one easy to use web-based platform.


Our mission is to simplify business management and operations allowing small to medium sized businesses to stay focused on sales and production rather than worrying about keeping their doors open.


So, what are you waiting for? Contact us and give BizAlign a try today!