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Women-Owned Business: Top 50!

Indulge us for a moment, if you would.   In a rare moment of hubris, VOV Enterprises would like to congratulate ourselves on being listed in the January 19th, 2018 edition of the Rochester Business Journal, ranking in the Top-50 Women-Owned Businesses.   Top...

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Epic’s CHR plans are off the (Block)chain!

Epic needs to make sure that any editing of a specific CHR record (or ledger, using the above example) is completed throughout the network to maintain source-of-truth. Then there’s a concern about keeping that source centrally, in a single place. Even with secondary...

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Improving on Principles

In a world full of contrasting theories and bittersweet concepts, I have a single favorite: The Peter Principle. The Peter Principle is most commonly known in the context of bureaucracy, for which it concludes that competence is destined for failure. The example goes...

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