VOV Enterprises has returned from our first-ever showing at HIMSS18. If you were there and had a chance to stop in and meet us, we sincerely appreciate you taking the time. If you didn’t, lucky for you our smiling faces can be found on our Contact Page.

As the conference promoters promised, taking the time to wander around the venue revealed a cornucopia of ideas and advancements. Not to mention an absurd number of pens, water bottles, notepads, and unsurprisingly, stress-balls.

Frankly, the stress-balls started me thinking about the overwhelming choices a place like HIMSS presents. Directly quoting from their web page: “Choose from 300+ education sessions, 1,300+ vendors, hundreds of special programs, and endless networking events.” Everything is vying for your time. In less than three days, you have to see the entirety of the show, filter through and select who to follow-up with, and get meaningful face time with those vendors… I’m surprised there wasn’t a receptacle for depleted stress-balls next to the recycling bins.

Where Are We Going?

The wonderful side is that for any problem you had coming into HIMSS18, you were offered multiple solutions; many of them approaching your problem differently. Looking for the latest in medical carts? I personally saw five different kinds. Some had onboard hardware. Others offered a more central-computing approach. I found iPads on wheels. iPads on wheels with instruments, storage, glove dispensers, drink holders, racing stripes; the options were endless.

All the solutions boiled down to one dominating question that everyone was asking in their own way: “Where are we going?”. A place like HIMSS begs that question and provides countless answers. HIMSS isn’t the place where 1300+ vendors sit back and say they’re doing enough. If you’re bringing a product to market there, it best be relatively new and shiny. Maybe it’s a new solution to an old problem. Maybe it’s a new problem that no one else has seen coming. Whatever the vehicle, the destination everyone is headed is the future.

Get There With VOV

So, where is our industry headed? It’s a heavy question, but I can tell you that however we get there, it’s not going to be a paved highway. As the topic suggests, every new thought and innovation is a frontier by definition. Think about trying to traverse an untouched forest. You and your competition are charged with blazing a new trail through the thick and confusing undergrowth; solving the problem of getting from Points A to B. The fact is, if you cut the trail that’s smartest, most efficient, and easiest to navigate, it’ll be used by people trying to solve that same problem. Every time someone uses your trail, it will beat back nature just enough to allow your trail to survive. Become popular enough, the trail begins to widen out of necessity. Soon, yours is the primary way to navigate through the once-confusing foliage.

That’s how we see ourselves here at VOV. We’ve seen all manner of forests over the decades of collective healthcare IT experience. We want to help usher you through the sylvan landscape and make sure you have a trusted friend while doing it. We’re big enough to move the large obstacles that stand in your way, yet small and agile enough to preserve the natural beauty and grace that might be trampled underfoot. Most importantly, we’re smart and experienced enough to forge ahead, creating a new path with the knowledge and confidence that we’ll be getting to Point B together.

VOV’s maiden journey to HIMSS18 was a wonderful success. The overriding feedback from friends old and new at HIMSS18 was elation at our wealth of operational experience. The fact that VOV brought to market not just the solutions to a problem, but the knowledge of that problem’s nuances. Our experience in your field is truly what sets VOV apart. We were never a solutions company that shoehorned our product into the healthcare space. We were forged in the fire of healthcare problems and our offerings were created to solve for that specific purpose; making challenges you face easier to overcome.

We understand your business. With all due respect to the little foam stress-balls, VOV Enterprises’ goal is to make them collect dust.