Our solutions

Below are our three solutions for healthcare organizations to develop and use an IT strategy that’s completely unique to their needs.


vAlign is a provider relationship management software solution that enables healthcare organizations to achieve a single source of truth for provider and practice information, executive reporting, provider alignment, and network growth and support. Built on the Salesforce platform, it gives you a 360º view of your provider network, enhancing provider engagement, reducing redundancies, and bridging the gap between providers and their ACOs.



vBundles is a software solution that offers the analytics you need to effectively manage BPCI and CJR bundled payment analysis. With data analysis and benchmarking, it helps you automate bundled program assessment, gain insights into cost and quality improvement opportunities, reduce revenue leakage, and decrease downstream labor costs—all vital to success with advanced payment models.



VOV consulting services help healthcare organizations develop a health IT strategy that enables success and alignment in population health and clinical integration. Through current state assessment, gap analysis, vendor selection, and implementation services, we empower our clients with real-time problem solving, healthcare experience and expertise, and a partnership that extends beyond implementation.